3 ideas for a bachelor party “from lions”!

Do you remember the movie “The Hangover”? The story of four friends struggling with an unlikely bachelor party in the festive city of Las Vegas? Now take a look at the calendar: the wedding season is just around the corner and you too, friends of the bride and groom, will be dragged into the party bandwagon! Before arriving at the fateful “yes” there is, however, a necessary step: the bachelor party for the groom and the bachelorette party for the bride. And it is precisely on this occasion that the friends of the couple become the protagonists, planning the occasions of the party to greet in the most colorful way the big step! A website for a bachelor party “all inclusive”!

In recent years, needless to say, the Internet has expanded the possibilities for organizing bachelor parties in style. Today there are sites that offer the complete package to your merry band: travel, accommodation, and entertainment are all included and you can even customize them according to your preferences. Whether or not you want to rely on these new opportunities, bachelor parties allow you to live explosive evenings in big cities in Italy and Europe. The main destinations for bachelor parties in Europe

Spain and Eastern Europe, in particular, offer some of the most popular destinations to organize a pyrotechnic bachelor party: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia on the one hand and Budapest, Krakow and Riga on the other promise evenings of wildest fun. It is no coincidence that the choice oscillates between the warm Mediterranean atmosphere of the main Spanish cities and the particular charm of the landscapes and places of the East: both solutions provide the opportunity to visit and explore places rich in history and art, as well as for entertainment. Here are the perfect destinations for those who choose a weekend to remember! Activities for all tastes: indulge yourself!

Obviously, in addition to the classic drinks, you can not miss the activities to do with the groom and there is something for everyone: ranging from excursions with quads, boat parties, through the tasting tours of craft beer. For the most reckless, moreover, water skiing, go-kart challenges, paintball competitions and sessions at the shooting range propose “masculine” experiences to greet the bachelorhood among friends. As you can imagine, there will be some happy female presence, ready to remind the groom, in an impertinent and playful way, that by now the choice has been made … These moments happen a few times in life, so selfies and photos are a perfect way to immortalize the bachelor party, and relive it tomorrow by watching them (those that do not exceed the decency!) Over a beer.bachelor party + selfie + custom t-shirt = unforgettable!

E come fare per rendere ancor più speciale il momento?
Sempre più in voga è l’uso di magliette con scritte personalizzate, per fare gruppo assieme allo sposo e rendere immediatamente riconoscibile il fortunato e i suoi fedeli accompagnatori.
Potete pensare alle immagini e scritte più divertenti, per essere sicuri di distinguervi per il prossimo addio al celibato…da leoni!

And if you want to win a fantastic all-inclusive weekend in magical Venice, we explain how to participate in our #facciadanozze contest here!

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