Emoticon t-shirts: the personalized t-shirts that speak for you

How many times have you found yourself wanting to shout out to everyone how happy you are, or conversely, distancing yourself because of your bad day? Sometimes you wish people could understand how you feel, what you’re feeling or how you really are without having to express yourself in words. Unfortunately, telepathy is rare so the only solution is to be explicit. But how?

In these cases, emoticons can be of great help because they manage to express a common concept in a simple way. So why waste your breath when they already say it all?

A t-shirt for every mood: an emoticon can simplify your day

When we think of emoticons, the ones we use on Whatsapp or Facebook come to mind, but who remembers the original smile 🙂 ? It all started with these three simple punctuation marks that were first used by Scott Fahlman, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania, in 1982. Apparently, he used it to distinguish joking messages from serious ones in order to limit the arguments that were depopulated while working with the BBS (Bulletin Board System), one of the first computers with messaging software. If you want to learn more about the history of the emoticon smile click here.

Subsequently, other variations of the primitive smiley were born until we reached the sad face, the angry one, the surprised one and so on. For about twenty years this type of emoticon, “emotional” “icon”, has been an integral part of telecommunications. In the last decade they have been partly replaced by unicode emoticons, i.e. those that are inserted using a single block of commands. The latter version, apart from being more practical, is also more aesthetically pleasing.

Now that we know the origin of these symbols, let’s try to understand what emotions or messages we can communicate and on what occasions we can use them.

An emoticon t-shirt for when you’re happy

Did you receive good news or did something particularly positive happen to you? When you wake up in the right mood, you want to show the whole world how happy you are, but very often you don’t get the chance to do so. But is it true that you have to create the right occasion? This is a good reason to wear an emoticon t-shirt with a smiley face and she will take care of telling everyone how happy you are. However, this t-shirt can also be worn to give you the right charge to be positive. If, on the other hand, you are having a bad day but are looking for an input to change it, it will give you extra motivation to do so.

An emoticon t-shirt for when you’re feeling cool

Are you feeling cooler than usual today but missing an accessory to look your best? Surely you are thinking about who knows what branded item that all your friends are wearing. But you don’t need to wear something expensive to be fashionable, you just need a t-shirt that makes you unique. The t-shirt with the sunglasses emoji also fits in multiple contexts; for example, have you ever thought of taking it to the beach with you?

An emoticon t-shirt for when you’re feeling witty

Do you have the easy joke lately, or are you known for being the company joker? Some people are known for having contagious good humor in fact, all it takes is one of their quips to deflect bad thoughts. If you recognize yourself in this personality or you’re already thinking of your best friend who knows how to put a smile back on your face, this is the perfect emoticon t-shirt to wear or give as a gift.

How to customize an emoticon t-shirt

If you want to create a custom t-shirt for yourself or to give as a gift to someone that is witty and expressive at the same time, all you have to do is scroll through the list of emoji and choose the one you like best. There’s something for everyone!

At this point, create your custom t-shirt and choose the emoticon that best matches your personality or that of the gift recipient. What are you waiting for?

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