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Journey through the history of t-shirt – part 2: the 80’s and 90’s

Bold “half-shirts”

C’eravamo lasciati qui, affrontando l’evoluzione storica della t-shirt fino alla fine degli anni 80’.

We are in a moment of strong creativity: the big brands begin to dare, having well in mind the potential of the t-shirt as a means to spread the knowledge of their products. Designers are not to be outdone and try to decline the T-shirt in different forms and versions, to launch new fashions.

The half t-shirt is certainly one of those fashions that is not easily forgotten: between the mid 80’s and the early 90’s there were particularly skimpy t-shirts, called “crop tops”. Originally conceived as a garment for sports training, thanks to the freedom of the fabrics that they granted to the body, they became a trendy item.

The fashion was consolidated especially on the female side: a garment that covered only half of the torso, allowed to show a more aggressive and explosive look, easily combinable with jeans.

No Fear: Who’s afraid of T-shirts?

Fashion companies, especially American ones, are investing in T-shirts in order to offer attractively designed products to the general public. The hope is to see legions of Americans roaming the continent as happy ambassadors of their brands.

Company logos and mottos had to be cleverly incorporated into the patterns printed on t-shirts to ensure garments that were trendy on the one hand, but at the same time broadened the brand’s influence on the other.

At the turn of the 80’s and 90’s, it was the big American brands such as Ocean Pacific, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and American Apparel that invested heavily in increasing their popularity through t-shirts. Before long, other clothing companies followed suit, such as No Fear. The latter brand, in particular, met with a certain amount of luck even here in Italy, right during the 90s.

Hypercolor T-shirt:

This one is for real connoisseurs with a good memory!

In the 80’/90′ there was a fashion as quick to emerge, as to vanish: that of hypercolor t-shirts.

These garments, produced by the American Generra Hypercolor, were a mixture of fashion and technology: the fabric reacted to heat exposure, changing color. The pressure of the palm of a hand on the shirt was enough to see it change color immediately, with a truly remarkable effect.

The success of these t-shirts was a meteor: born in the 80’s, had a boom of requests until the early 90’s, but then fade away after the bankruptcy declared by the manufacturer in 1992. These t-shirts left their mark especially in the states, where they found great diffusion. The mischievous, think that the success derived from the implicit opportunity to “stretch your hands” on the bodies of others … What do you think?

Would you have taken advantage of the fashion to touch the shirt of your partner? Maybe while dancing in a disco?

Abbiamo fatto un altro tuffo nel passato, tra ricordi e tendenze! I tempi cambiano, ma le mode, puntualmente, ritornano: è quasi una legge matematica. E non serve la macchina del tempo, puoi farlo tu stesso: trova l’immagine che ti riporta alla maglietta che indossavi da ragazzino, scegli il colore, visita il nostro store e riprenditi la magia di quel periodo fantastico! A presto per un altro viaggio assieme nel colorato mondo delle t-shirt!

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