Travel t-shirts: why to create your own t-shirts for your trip

Every time you plan a new trip the excitement rises and you immediately start looking for what you absolutely must see to make this experience unforgettable. The more organized ones buy a tour guide right away while the more adventurous and freedom-loving ones collect only the necessary information and organize the rest of the trip on the fly. Whether you are an organized traveler or an adventurer makes no difference because in any case you want to experience a memorable vacation, the kind that will make you nostalgic every time you look at the photos taken during those days.

We take photos to capture that moment, that landscape and the emotions it arouses, so we don’t forget the details that made the trip unique and so we can relive those memories whenever we want. We think that photography or videos are the only way to relive the moments of the past but it is not so; there are, in fact, many objects that can keep us anchored to the experiences we have lived. Souvenirs, postcards or airline tickets are often kept as mementos but there is more to it than that.

Have you ever thought of creating travel t-shirts to wear at certain times during your vacation? Once you’re back home you’ll relive that travel experience every time you wear one!

How to customize your travel t-shirts

Personalized t-shirts have the advantage that you can adapt them to any occasion and context however sometimes the creative block doesn’t help. That’s why we decided to give you some inspirations to create your own t-shirts to wear on vacation.

You can devise a t-shirt that is good for any destination and that represents your irrepressible desire to travel. For example, you’ve probably heard of wanderlust, also known as traveler’s syndrome. This term of German origin means “wanderlust” and fits like a glove with those who, having just completed one trip, feel the need to plan another. Do you check airline offers almost every day? Do you only see pictures of breathtaking views and beautiful cities on your Facebook wall because you follow a lot of travel pages? Then you probably suffer from wanderlust syndrome and this is the one for you!

An alternative would be to create a custom t-shirt specifically for your planned vacation. For example, do you have to go to Ibiza with a group of friends? What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza! This will be your pact: “what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza“; why not also write it on the T-shirts you will wear during the craziest evenings?

These are just a few tips on how to customize your travel t-shirts, but you just have to let your imagination run wild with phrases, images and colors!

Why create travel t-shirts

The personalized t-shirt can help you remember past adventures once you return to everyday reality. The moments you wear them will remain in your heart for a lifetime and so will that t-shirt that accompanied you on all your foreign adventures or one that particularly marked you. Who doesn’t have a sweatshirt or a travel backpack that they defend at the cost of their life? The travel t-shirt will be your new loyal companion that will follow you wherever you go.

Ci sono altri casi in cui la maglietta personalizzata è un must; per esempio, sei un travel blogger? Hai già creato una t-shirt con il logo del tuo blog e la indossi ogni volta che sei in giro per il mondo? Se ti cogliamo alla sprovvista, scopri perché ogni blogger dovrebbe avere la sua maglietta blog!

Motorcycle On Your Finger T-Shirts

Here’s a group of six friends who created a t-shirt specifically for their trip to Corsica.  Their passion for motorcycles and their curiosity to visit one of the most beloved natural circuits for centaurs brought them to this island. They crossed the Cap Corse, a sheer cliff overlooking the sea in the north-east of Corsica, wearing T-shirts with the inscription “On the Finger”; in fact, this peninsula is also known as the “Finger of Corsica”. So these six centaurs with irony and a great desire to have fun have organized themselves to create travel t-shirts to wear on this traveling vacation.

Are you planning to leave or is it just a few days before departure? Create now your custom t-shirt to wear in your adventures around the world!

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