The Ideatshirt project was born in Venice in 2015 from the work of a small multidisciplinary team engaged in the management of several physical shops. The goal of the project was to give everyone the opportunity to easily customize their garment online, trying at the same time to establish that personal relationship that only a physical shop is able to create with its customers. By taking advantage of all the situations we have faced over the years, we have managed to improve the offer more and more and this led us to transfer the laboratory and the offices to the current headquarters in Mogliano. Our history, our growth and the desire to improve is only thanks to your continued support, for which we will never be able to. thank you enough!

Our commitment.


Behind Ideatshirt there are people, as well as we are aware that behind every order there is a person with expectations and desires


All the items that can be purchased in our store have been carefully chosen by our experts and are products that we use ourselves daily.


Maximum effort to ensure up-to-date and correct information about our products and the press.

How we work.

The customer as Partner

Each item ordered has a story to tell, emotions to express or must reveal your talent. It is essential for us to best assist you in achieving your goal in the best possible way. Behind Ideatshirt there are people, as well as we are aware that behind every order there is a person with expectations and desires.

Internal processing

All the items you will find on our store are available in our warehouse and are customized by our specialized staff. This allows us to speed up the processing time and reduce the costs of any intermediaries.

Welcome to the N.1 website to print custom T-shirts and T-shirts online

If you want to create your own t-shirt, wear your own style, enrich your wardrobe with T-shirts designed by you and unique t-shirts, you found the site you were looking for. With the wide choice you find you can indulge in creating the custom clothing perfect for you and that best characterizes your identity. Yes, because on Idea T-Shirt it’s you who choose how to customize t-shirts online. Unleash your fantasy!

Do you want to create custom T-shirts with the brand of your business?

Great idea! You’re in the right place: on Ideatshirt you can make, with a few clicks, t-shirts online. And you can choose to customize t- shirts with your company logo to make you original and unique advertising. Not only that, you can also customize with your logo other gadgets such as pens or shoppers and give them to your most loyal customers. Your logo can get the attention it deserves and you can get your marketing off the ground.

Ideatshirt online shop: wide choice and high quality print.

From Ideatshirt you will find many men’s and women’s garments for all seasons, short and long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can also choose to create printed T-shirts for children. Here you can print any image and any lettering you want on the front and/ or back to make your custom t-shirts online.

Do you want to customize t-shirts in your own way? Thanks to Ideatshirt is possible.

Customize t-shirts with your ideas quickly and easily. Create your own work, freeing your imagination, and print t-shirts that make everyone’s head spin. Not only is the creation simple and intuitive, but you can also receive the product with fast shipping and Dropshipping service for brand-free packages.

You need a single shirt and you worry about the minimum quantity?

On Ideatshirt you can order as many t-shirts online as you want, without any problems. In fact, there is no minimum quantity required and besides, you do not have any additional cost. You understood well. Finally you found a site for the creation of custom t-shirts online that does not ask any extra expense if you decide to order a single t-shirt.

Do you want your wardrobe to represent your personality?

You are in the right place, you can choose the phrases or photos you want and decide on which t-shirt or gadget to print them. If instead you need inspiration, rely on the many clipart that you find on the site, ready to customize. For example, those inspired by the great saga of Star Wars or the famous writing “Keep Calm and…” and many others. Create now your original custom t shirt, a garment envied by all not only for the uniqueness, but also for the high quality of the materials with which it is made.

Personalized gift ideas on Idea T-Shirt.it

Whether it’s for a he or a she, here you can really find the perfect gift. Customizing T-shirts online you can create a unique and original thought that will surely be appreciated. On the site you will find not only t shirts, but also many other ideas. Give a personalised pillow, cup or puzzle. And be prepared to see the surprise of those who receive them. If you are not sure what to give, then buy a Ideatshirt Gift Card. So you are sure not to go wrong and make the one who’ll receive it surely happy.

The Gift Card is simple to buy, easy to use online and has no additional costs.

Personalized gift ideas for every occasion.

Even in case of holidays, Ideatshirt is the right place to buy custom t-shirts and gadgets, as well as customizable Christmas balls. When the cold season comes, also come the good moments spent in the heat, maybe in front of the fireplace. What could be better than a warm sweatshirt in winter? Simple, a personalized warm sweatshirt. So you are sure not to miss and make the recipient happy.

Where we are.

Office / Laboratory

Via Giotto, 9
31021 Industrial Area S.p.z. , Treviso

Time: 9.00 – 15.00

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