Express Processing

Service temporarily not available

You cannot select the option “DHL Express 24/48h” but only the shipping method “DHL Express” which will still guarantee a fast delivery. If you need the goods in a short time we are always available to help you, contact us without any problem in order to evaluate the feasibility of the thing.
If you have urgency the best thing to do is to contact us in advance by email or phone providing all possible information (model, size, color and shipping address), if the items are present in stock there are no problems in printing your order in a few hours.
The Lavorazione Express is an additional service that we offer to all those who have extreme urgency to receive their order quickly. With this option your order will be processed as a priority and entrusted in a very short time.

Conditions of Express processing

  1. All orders arriving by 10:00 A.M. will leave the same day.
    Orders confirmed after 10.01 will be entrusted to the courier the next day.
  2. Payment must be immediate, no bank transfer.
  3. If we cannot manage your order, you will be contacted as soon as possible by email.
  4. You will receive through the order confirmation email one of our Whatsapp contacts with which you can contact us for any need.
  5. We are not responsible for any delays/ mishaps of the courier.

How to request Express processing

Express processing can be selected during checkout and is “DHL Express 24/48h“.

How many days does the courier take to deliver?

After 24h work for the production of the order, the package will be entrusted to DHL. Usually deliveries are completed in 24/48h working, but depends on the postal code and the time of year.

Items not compatible with the express option

  1. T-Shirt Full Print
  2. Gadget
  3. Embroidered polos

Indicative availability of material

Indicative quantity per size, there may be variations depending on the time of year.
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